Our Selection

Jasmine & Honey Pollen, Nutella, Lemon Poppy, Burnne Noisette, Cassis, Blackberry, Sudachi Citrus, Pastis, Earl Gray, Miso Caramel, Rose, Pitachio Griottine, 70% Cocoa, Lavender, Black Sesame, Toasted Coconut, Latte, Strawberry Basil, Amoretto


Our macarons are $2.50 each. Have a different flavor in mind? Great! We love custom orders.

half a dozen 14.


Not sure what flavor you'll prefer for a special event? No problem, just schedule a tasting!

For a tasting, the minimum order is determined based on the number of people attending and the number of flavors you choose. They are held on Sundays when the boutique will be reserved for you and up to 3 other guest.

Our macaron tower holds around 125 macarons!

Our macaron tower holds around 125 macarons!